Saving Big on Energy Smart Incentives

Savings of 2,065,939 kWh

Last year, Magna of Holland became HBPW’s largest Energy Smart customer to date with a first-year savings of 2,065,939 kilowatt hours. Early in 2013, HBPW engaged with Magna on a custom incentive program to investigate the potential savings of investing in more energy efficient equipment. The pre-inspection revealed the potential for savings on overhead lighting and on manufacturing equipment.

In March, Magna moved forward on two major lighting projects: 1) converting their facility’s older high-output T12 lamps to high-performance T8 lamps and 2) converting metal halide HID fixtures to more efficient high bay fluorescent lighting. They also installed variable frequency drive controls on several pieces of production equipment to decrease motor speed during non-critical portions of the manufacturing cycle, which cuts down on energy use significantly.

Magna qualified for a $60,000 incentive to help cover the $142,000 cost of implementation. With an annual energy cost savings of $111,560, the project has already paid for itself.

The Holland Board of Public Works offers prescriptive and custom Energy Smart incentive programs to small and large businesses alike. For more information, visit