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 150 - 200 Walk-Ins / Day

Our two primary goals with the new space were to make it inviting and efficient."

Julie Thompson — HBPW Customer Service Manager

Newly Renovated Customer Service Center

Holland BPW customer service representatives help an average of 150 – 200 walk-in customers per day, and our newly renovated Service Center has significantly reduced wait times or eliminated them altogether. The centerpiece of the update is the expanded customer service lobby, which features access to six service windows (there were two previously), an information kiosk, direct boardroom access, and even a space for small children to play.

“Our two primary goals with the new space were to make it inviting and efficient,” said Julie Thompson, customer service manager. “We want to provide our customers with the most convenient and enjoyable experience possible.”

Service Team Training

In addition to adding more windows, Holland BPW has cross-trained our service team to help with more tasks including payments, shut-offs, hook ups, maintenance scheduling and more. To serve our diverse customer base, we have representatives who can assist in English, Spanish, Chinese or Indonesian.

The upgrade to the lobby space comes as part of our $1.5 million investment into remodeling our aging Hastings Avenue hub for customer service, board meetings, operations and maintenance. The update has helped HBPW reduce our own energy and water usage, integrate new technology to increase the efficiency of our operations, and provide a better overall customer service.