Holland Energy Park


They designed the plant to meet three essential goals:

  1. Resource

    The resource will be reliable, world class infrastructure that would provide a sustainable, long term power source, become an educational hub and increase capacity of the snowmelt system.

  2. Destination

    The destination will be a place that would make people feel comfortable, provide activities that draw the public and be a node to connect people to the community.

  3. Gateway

    The gateway will celebrate the community facility and the site, express the context for how the facility fits the community, enhance the experience of people entering the city, and connect to the Macatawa greenway.

Representing Our Community

Holland’s future energy park will be a symbol of prosperity and sustainability for our city, thanks to the hard work of a broad cross-section of community leaders. The Architectural Blue Ribbon panel developed the design in collaboration with members of Holland BPW and HDR, the architectural firm selected for the project. Participants agreed that even with differing backgrounds and passions, they quickly formed a strong consensus in favor of a striking, progressive design that embodied the Holland community.


Evaluating how to reach these goals, the group looked at wide-ranging factors like aesthetics, environmental fit, being a good neighbor, good stewardship, and others. As importantly, the committee believed the facility should make a statement about the forward-looking nature of our community and represent something that people can be very proud of.

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