10th Street Water Improvements

Lakewood Water Transmission Main

Holland BPW has completed design plans for a new water transmission main that will be located beneath Lakewood Blvd. The new water main will provide important redundancy for Holland BPW’s water system. As the local region grows, the new transmission main will also increase the capacity of the water system, making it possible to serve our community’s growing needs as the region continues to develop.

Holland’s water distribution system relies on a network of large transmission mains to convey water through the water service area. The largest of these mains is a 36” pipe that runs along the north side of Lake Macatawa to downtown Holland. This main is critical to our community’s infrastructure, feeding the majority of Holland BPW’s water customers. It also provides the primary emergency interconnection to the Wyoming water system. A study was done in 2019 to develop options that ensure continued reliability of the Holland BPW water system. It identified a need for redundancy regarding this critical water main. The new transmission main will run along Lakewood Boulevard between 160th and River Ave, and then south along River Ave until it ties into an existing crossing of the Macatawa River.

Regional water system operations will also be enhanced by the project through the addition of a new emergency interconnection between the new transmission main and the Holland Charter Township water system, as well as a new improved supply connection to the Zeeland BPW water system.

The total approved budget for this project is $14,500,000. Holland BPW works with other local entities to coordinate project plans as much as possible. Sequencing the project to happen before a planned road reconstruction project by Ottawa County along the corridor is expected to save the project about $1,000,000 by avoiding the road restoration costs associated with an underground project located in the roadway.

Construction is expected to begin in early spring of 2022.

Working Together

Holland BPW and the City of Holland take pride in maintaining our local infrastructure. Holland BPW takes care of water and wastewater mains, electric lines, and fiber optic cables. The City handles certain roads, storm sewers and parks. Project planners strive to cause the least amount of disruption as possible for the community during important infrastructure work. Holland BPW and the City seek ways to work together to accomplish shared goals and minimize construction interferences for residents and visitors. Benefits of collaboration include fewer road closures and reduced costs.

Holland BPW and the City Transportation Department routinely collaborate in their planning processes to identify areas for utility reconstruction. As a result the majority of capital projects implemented by Holland BPW recently were completed in partnership with the City Transportation Department. “When we can partner with the City on water distribution projects, we leverage efficiencies and share common costs that can result in significant cost savings. Tracking projects over the past five years shows that working together has saved up to 33% of the cost for replacement of the most common size of distribution piping”, remarked Pieter Beyer, Water/Wastewater Services Superintendent.

Water Main Savings

On 10th Street, the storm sewer, water main and sanitary sewer were replaced in 2021. The work also included the replacement of water mains in some adjacent side streets as well as the replacement of 50 lead service lines per EGLE requirements.

Water main reconstruction was also done on 20th Street from Michigan Avenue to Maple Avenue, and 21st Street from Van Raalte Avenue to Ottawa Avenue. Both areas received water main and lead service line replacement; 21st Street was also identified for reconstruction of the sanitary sewer main. The Transportation Department needed roadway, pedestrian, and storm sewer reconstruction in these areas. These projects are part of master plans for transportation, drainage, and utility reconstruction.

Water Treatment Plant

Water provided by Holland BPW is pumped from Lake Michigan into the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), where it is treated and tested before entering the distribution system. The WTP has capacity to treat 38.5 million gallons per day, and serves 17,898 homes, businesses, and industrial facilities located in the City of Holland and portions of Park, Laketown and Holland Charter Townships. Water is also sold on a wholesale basis to the City of Zeeland.

Water Treatment Plant

Holland’s Water Treatment Plant began operation in 1957. Keeping mechanical systems operating reliably year after year requires diligence in preventative maintenance. This year, two high service pumps that move water from the plant to the distribution system were replaced. The age of the pumps, 46 and 54 years old, lead to the decision to install new pumps, rather than refurbishing the old. The upgraded pumps operate more efficiently for the size of our distribution system and are more compatible with current technologies used by the WTP. The cost to operate new pumps is 50% in comparison to the old pumps. In addition to replacing the pumps, associated valves and electrical equipment, variable frequency drives (VFDs) were added to further increase the efficiency of the new pumps.