Anaerobic Digester

Construction of Anaerobic Digester Begins

Construction of the Water Reclamation Facility’s (WRF) 105 foot tall anaerobic digester located at the Water Reclamation Facility is off to a smooth start. Construction is progressing as expected and is on schedule to begin operation in the fall 2023.

Holland BPW looks ahead to solve challenges before they become big problems. This keeps our utility services reliable and affordable. The WRF recognized that landfill options for wastewater solids disposal are becoming harder to find. As availability decreases, costs increase.

Anaerobic digestion is a sustainable solution to these foreseen challenges. The digester will reduce the amount of wastewater solids produced from the water reclamation process by 50%. The wastewater solids are converted to biogas, a renewable energy source, allowing the WRF to produce electricity and heat from the wastewater being treated. The new process will treat the plant’s solid end product to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Class A biosolids standard, which allows many options for beneficial reuse including fertilizer. Another benefit of anaerobic digestion is that it reduces the odor potential of the wastewater solids, helping to control foul aromas that can be released from the WRF site.

The digester will help control rates for wastewater customers while making a positive impact on the community and environment.