Community Growth

Holland Nighttime Aerial View

Community Growth

Holland Board of Public Works supports the growing needs of the community. Affordable rates and reliable utility service are ways the Holland Board of Public Works appeals to industrial and commercial business. Holland has a vibrant industrial sector that continues to flourish even through the pandemic. As the business sector increases demand on the utility system, residential expansion also occurs.

The utility system has to adapt and change along with the community’s needs. Holland BPW teams work hard to design utilities to support community growth. “We see expansion across all of our utilities,” said Dave Koster, General Manager, “Everything from diversifying our electric portfolio to building a second water main supports our community’s ability to grow.” Our local economy depends on a holistic relationship between people, jobs and infrastructure. When businesses add square footage to their buildings, there is a call for more utility resources. New neighborhoods need infrastructure that expands the utility system.

Holland BPW’s momentum for growth has picked up speed in the past few years, surpassing 30,000 electric meters in 2021. In the years 2019-2021, Holland BPW added 1,588 electric meters. In comparison, 2016-2018 saw 444 new meters.

Holland has a unique industrial landscape for a city of its size. 174 of our largest customers account for 55% of the electric load in kilowatt hours. Part of what makes this area attractive to businesses is Holland BPW’s rates and reputation for reliability. As a community-owned utility, Holland BPW is invested in the community’s ability to thrive.

Holland Energy Park

Expanded Services

In addition to supporting the community’s infrastructure needs, Holland BPW seeks to benefit customers through expanded services. On July 1, 2020, Park Township transferred maintenance and service of about 4,000 water customers to Holland BPW. The agreement mitigates risk for the water system as a whole, reduces costs, and simplifies customer service and billing. New customers benefit from Holland BPW’s dedicated water utility staff who manage planning and maintenance of the system. Customer service and billing are improved as well. New customers gained access to a team of customer service representatives, upgraded metering and monthly billing.

Holland BPW also took on customer service and billing for the City of Holland’s refuse program. Consolidating utility bills is easier for customers and is a more efficient use of resources.

Holland BPW is a part of the Holland community. As a public utility, our interests are to serve our customers so that they can thrive. Supporting the area’s economic development through infrastructure growth and expanded services contributes positively to the lives of Holland residents.