2021 Annual Report

Welcome Letter

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A Letter From Dave Koster


In 2021, we learned how to persevere as the global pandemic carried on. While challenges are faced all around, our community continues to grow. Our annual report provides valuable information about the essential services we provide, but you will also find something more. In these stories, you will see many different ways that our community truly flourishes. Discover how we engaged in a number of activities that represent the values and vision of our community: Waterfront Holland, Broadband Taskforce, and the Strategic Development Team for the Community Energy Plan.

Holland Board of Public Works is strengthening foundations for a growing community.

Learn How Holland BPW:

  • Adapts and changes to support the community‚Äôs needs and ability to grow
  • Maintains infrastructure and facilities to provide reliable service
  • Is committed to lowering emissions and making choices that benefit the environment
  • Provides affordable utility services that are essential to the residents and businesses of Holland.


Kind regards,

Dave Koster