2021 Annual Report

Strengthening Foundations for a Growing Community

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family using devices

Broadband Update

We are exploring options for enhancing broadband connectivity through fiber-optics, providing access to high speed, reliable broadband to every address.

People at the Energy Refresh Meeting

Energy Plan Refresh

Our goals for 2022 include lowering electric and carbon emissions and offsets throughout the built environment and transportation sectors.

Holland Nighttime Aerial View

Community Growth

Efforts to support community growth include diversifying our electric portfolio and expanding services to take on additional water customers.

Holland Waterfront Development

Waterfront Updates

Holland BPW has completed the clean-up of the James De Young coal plant and the City of Holland is reviewing proposals for the development of the area.


Downtown Place

Broadband Status

Broadband Services has implemented an innovative way to bring reliable high-speed internet to more people through dark fiber colocation.

Electric Poles


We track electric performance using industry standards and carefully maintain and monitor our electric lines and power-generating turbines.

10th Street Water Improvements


We updated our water treatment plant and prepared for a new transmission main and are collaborating with the City of Holland to further improve efficiency.

Anaerobic Digester


Construction of the Water Reclamation Facility’s anaerobic digester is underway, this will greatly reduce the amount of wastewater solids the WRF produces.


Leading the Charge

We have several incorporated electric vehicles into our fleets and are encouraging businesses to opt in for renewable energy sources.

Solar Panels


We’re partnering with the Michigan Public Power Agency for renewable energy from several large solar arrays in Michigan and exploring alternative power sources.

Energy in your hands

New EWR Program

HBPW is taking advantage of gaining local control of Energy Waste Reduction programming by expanding our energy efficiency goals.

Beneficial Reuse Field

Water Reclamation

Holland’s Water Reclamation Facility is sustainably reducing costs though beneficial reuse and improving air quality with their new green roof.


Community Assistance

Increases in state and federal funding such as the COVID Relief Fund allowed us to distribute funds to more people through our assistance programs this year.

HEP Debt Retirement

Holland Energy Park is working to retire their debt early, saving millions of dollars in interest and resulting in a rate decrease for HBPW electric customers.