Broadband Status

Downtown Place

Reliable High-Speed Internet Access Expands Downtown

Holland BPW Broadband Services expanded the availability of its reliable, high-speed Shared Gigabit internet services to Downtown Place Condominiums. This expansion was possible because of a new Premise Wiring Agreement. The new agreement was developed so that Holland BPW can provide broadband services to multi-unit buildings that lack suitable inside wiring.

Outdated wiring in older buildings limits the accessibility to Downtown Holland’s Shared Gigabit network. With a Premise Wiring Agreement, Holland BPW can add cabling for qualified buildings with sufficient customer interest in our Broadband services. Holland BPW owns and maintains the wiring, so building owners do not have to make a large upfront investment in cabling.

The agreement is mutually beneficial, protecting the utility’s investment and rights as well as the rights of the building owners. The Premise Wiring Agreement helps Holland BPW Broadband Services to further its mission to provide reliable high-speed internet service to as many people as possible.

Multi-unit property owners who are interested in making Holland BPW’s fast and reliable broadband services available in their buildings can inquire by email to

Colocation Adds Value to Dark Fiber Services

When Holland BPW started using fiber-optics in 1992, the purpose was to improve the utility’s communication technologies that control and monitor systems in the field. At that time, Holland BPW made the forward-thinking decision to invest in the extra capacity of the fiber to support the needs of the future. Since then, Holland BPW has developed several broadband services that bring reliable, high-speed internet to as many people as possible.

Dark Fiber is one type of service that is offered. With Dark Fiber, customers lease dedicated fiber strands, allowing them to design, install and maintain the electronic equipment required. In most cases, dark fiber is used by large customers and our partner internet service providers (ISPs).

Holland BPW Broadband Services has implemented an innovative way to bring reliable high-speed internet to more people. With the implementation of a new Colocation Agreement, partner ISPs can increase the capacity and efficiency of their Dark Fiber Networks.

Historically, Dark Fiber leases were restricted to a point-to-point configuration. This topology uses up cross-town, or backhaul, fiber creating network inefficiencies. Partner ISPs had to connect each of their customers directly to one of their HBPW-connected Network access points or make a fiber ring to customers. HBPW saw overutilization of fiber and worked to develop an alternative.

Fiber Cables

With the new Colocation Agreement, partners may place network electronics at HBPW nodes throughout the Broadband Services service area. Partners can aggregate customer traffic at these nodes and carry it to their access point for more efficiency.

Colocation is a much more efficient use of the fiber network. It allows ISP’s to connect to more customers and increases the overall capacity of Holland BPW’s fiber network. Colocation reduces costs for our partner ISPs, making their services more marketable. Overall, it allows Holland BPW to deliver reliable high-speed internet to more people.

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