A Year of Meaningful Service

Another year of progress and community impact brings important stories, updates to ongoing projects and moments of reflection. Explore what your Board of Public Works has been up to and where we are headed in 2024.

Say Goodbye to Credit Card & Convenience Fees


This year, HBPW completed a highly anticipated project—eliminating credit card...

Holland City Fiber


On August 2, 2022, City of Holland voters decided to invest in expanding Holland BPW’s fiber internet infrastructure.

Local Heroes


For those fortunate enough to have worked at the same facility as Tim Martin, many BPW employees know him for his positive attitude.

James De Young Power Plant, A History


This year Holland BPW said a final farewell to the James De Young Power Plant (JDY). Serving the community through coal-fired...

Electric Lawn Tool Field Day


The City of Holland has a Community Energy Plan (CEP) that provides a framework for reducing carbon emissions...

Protecting Our Water Resources


The greatest increase that our water utility sees in demand is the result of lawn irrigation in the summer months...

Educational Signage at Holland Energy Park and Water Reclamation


With Holland Energy Park and the Water Reclamation Facility located in Downtown Holland, the community...

Education and Engagement: Connecting with Our Community


At the gateway to Holland on Chicago Drive is Holland Energy Park with its iconic red spine. Inside the spine you’re likely to find...

Improving Energy Efficiency through Education


Home Energy 101: People who choose to go back to school as adults are often motivated by learning new skills, feeding their curiosity...

Supporting Community Growth


Serving the community’s needs for electricity is a critical function of Holland BPW. It takes ongoing planning and analysis...

What Makes a Great Career?


At Holland BPW, 185 people make an impact on the community every day. Living in Holland, residents are accustomed...

ENVISION Gold Anaerobic Digester


Infrastructure is everywhere: underground, overhead, and all around. As Holland’s community-owned utility, infrastructure...