Holland City Fiber

On August 2, 2022, City of Holland voters decided to invest in expanding Holland BPW’s fiber internet infrastructure. Holland BPW is dedicated to providing essential utility services that allow our community to flourish. A community investment in fiber internet creates an opportunity for the people of Holland to have access and choices in high-speed internet service providers.

Holland BPW has long provided essential, economical and innovative utility services and began building fiber network infrastructure 30 years ago. The network grew from serving only utility telecommunication needs, to connecting local anchor institutions and businesses, including the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD).

“A well-designed fiber optic network is the lifeblood of a smart and thriving city, connecting our residents to each other and the world, powering innovation, and illuminating the path to a brighter future,” said Pete Hoffswell, Superintendent of Broadband Services.

Building Fiber For The Entire City

Holland BPW is an All Fiber Network Operator, certified by the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA). This means that Holland BPW only builds fiber to the premise (FTTP) and signifies the quality of the network. Expanding fiber throughout the entire City of Holland as a community-owned investment means everyone will have access to a reliable, high speed internet connection at an affordable price. Holland BPW anticipates an innovative base offering of 2.0 gig symmetrical internet service for around $45/month.

Interconnecting with Holland BPW’s existing 260-mile fiber infrastructure, the new FTTP network will meet current and future broadband demands. Holland BPW expects to offer 2 and 10 gigabits of symmetrical services where previously only 22 percent of Holland had access to gigabit download speeds. The community investment of this project allows Holland BPW to build fiber infrastructure down every street. This street level connection is called a passing network. The passing network creates the opportunity for everyone to have access to the network.

In order to get service, individual homes and businesses need to have a drop connection to the passing network, which ties their home to the passing network running near the street. When customers choose to sign up for Holland BPW Fiber Internet, a drop connection will be installed. As the entire network is constructed, service availability will roll out in phases, which we will refer to as “Fiberhoods.” Customers will be notified when Holland BPW Fiber Internet services are available in their Fiberhood.

Behind The Scenes Work

Building a fiber optic network of this scope and size takes careful planning, detailed design, and engineering. That work began as soon as the vote passed. Holland BPW’s broadband services team has been working behind the scenes to get everything ready for construction to begin in the Fall of 2023.

Pete Hoffswell, Broadband Services Superintendent, explained that “designing a fiber optic network before construction is essential for cost efficiency, scalability, performance, and reliability. It enables proper resource allocation, accommodating future growth, optimizing quality of service, and ensuring redundancy and resilience. Thoughtful planning also future-proofs the network, ensuring that the fiber investment will provide needed connectivity to benefit the city and its residents for decades to come.”

Selecting A Design And Build Engineer

Holland BPW awarded eX² Technology a $15.9M contract to design and build the passings network following a formal Request for Proposal process in early 2023.

“We chose eX² as our design-build partner based on best value, its extensive and successful history executing fiber design and construction management services and its strong partnership approach,” said Ted Siler, Director of Utility Services for Holland BPW.

eX² Technology has been actively working in the Fiber-to-the-Home/FTTP industry since 2016 and employs lead team members who have designed these networks since 2006. Broadband Communities Magazine previously recognized the firm as one of its top 100 FTTH companies.

“With our experience overseeing numerous FTTP network projects, we can ensure that Holland BPW will receive the level of service it’s seeking in a design, construction and material management partner,” said Jay Jorgensen, Chief Operating Officer, eX² Technology. “We’re excited to commence construction on a network that will ultimately deliver future-ready broadband services to Holland.”

Get The Latest Project Updates makes it easy for Holland BPW customers to find status updates about service availability in their Fiberhood. The Fiber Internet menu links to a web page with an interactive map where you can look up your address and see the name of your Fiberhood and the stage of construction that it is in. When your Fiberhood is accepting applications or is fully connected, you will be able to initiate a service application.

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