Board of Directors

PJ Thompson

Board President

Carolyn Maalouf

Board Vice President

Paul Lilly

Board Member

Beth Snyder

Board Member

Brian Lynn

Board Member

David Couch

Board Ex-Officio Township Representative

Mayor Nathan Bocks

Board City Council Representative

Keith Van Beek

City of Holland City Manager

Special Thanks to Tim Hemingway

Holland Board of Public Works is grateful to Tim Hemingway for his extended commitment and dedication to its Board of Directors. He began serving on the board in 2008, filling a partial term. He continued his service to Holland BPW for 14.5 years, and completed his second term as the Board President in June 2023. The organization experienced many accomplishments under Tim’s guidance, including the creation of Holland Energy Park.

Executive Staff

Dave Koster

General Manager

Ted Siler

Utility Services Director

Becky Lehman

Business Services Director

Joel Davenport

Operations Director

Chuck Warren

Finance Director

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