Educational Signage at Holland Energy Park and Water Reclamation

With Holland Energy Park and the Water Reclamation Facility located in Downtown Holland, the community gets to see these facilities up close. Passers-by are often curious about what is there and how it all works. Holland BPW is always thrilled to teach the public about the essential services it provides.

Holland Energy Park and Water Reclamation both have paved trails nearby. In fact, a loop trail circles Holland Energy Park. The Water Reclamation Facility is surrounded by Window on the Waterfront and sidewalks on River Ave and Third St. Along these trails, Holland BPW installed interpretive signage to explain what you can see at each of the facilities.

Window on the Waterfront is a partner park of the Macatawa River Greenway, which is a division of the Outdoor Discovery Center Network. Since Macatawa River Greenway also has educational signage near Water Reclamation, Holland BPW found it beneficial to collaborate with ODC on the design of the trail signs.

The signs at Water Reclamation walk through the facility’s treatment processes and each sign is within sight of where the corresponding step happens. Similarly, at Holland Energy Park, the signs explain the parts of the power plant that you can see and call out some of the natural features along the trail.

Engagement and education is a priority for Holland BPW because we value the connection we have with our community. Responsible use of our resources keeps the utility system operating reliably and efficiently. The signs response to the natural curiosity in utility infrastructure by explaining the purpose and how it all works.

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