Welcome to the Holland Board of Public Works
2015 Annual Report


Breaking Ground

Nearly a decade in the making, the Holland Energy Park, a community-inclusive decision to build a natural gas generating facility, broke ground on April 21, 2015. Now, excitement gathers as construction crews continue to make progress.

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$5 Million and Change

As part of a national competition, HBPW has worked to establish the baseline for the city’s energy use, led the development of the two-year reduction plan and continuously supported communications and education initiatives.

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Awards & Outreach

An overview of some the awards and outreach programs Holland Board of Public Works has engaged on in the past year.

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Growing Connectivity

HBPW’s fiber optic broadband utility is experiencing significant growth, thanks to a new rate structure and fiber cable runs that are expected to provide a competitive incentive for business and residential growth.

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Winning on Rates

A history of conservative business practices and continuous, smart reinvestment into locally-owned infrastructure have positioned HBPW to offer competitive rates, an important factor in attracting and retaining businesses to Holland.

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About Our Power

A diverse collection of generation sources in FY2015 helped us to keep our rates consistent and competitive, sourcing our power from the most affordable option at any given time. And, the addition of the Holland Energy Park will help us stay ahead of market fluctuations.

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How it Breaks Out

Business customers account for about 80% of HBPW’s electric revenues, and nearly 50% comes from the top 50 customers alone. Our customer base spans across a diverse set of commercial and industrial organizations, a revealing testament to our local economy.

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Keep Calm and Optimize

After careful study, the Holland Area Water Reclamation Facility has decided to upgrade existing treatment infrastructure instead of expanding in order to save money while ensuring effective community wastewater treatment for years to come.

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Intelligent Meters

Electricians have begun upgrading meters in select areas that bring lower maintenance costs and increased services for Holland BPW customers. The new meters offer reliability to customers through a more robust collection network.

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The Traffic is Worth It

This summer, underground drain improvements caused some traffic challenges in downtown Holland, but the payoffs will be worth it. New snowmelt, sewer and storm drains will yield increased reliability and better services for the community.

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Keeping it Crystal Clear

The BPW has been delivering fresh water to residents and businesses for 130 years. In FY2015, the Holland Water Treatment Plant is invested in several equipment renovations to maintain the highest standard for clean water.

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Restoring the Land

What started as site-preparation for the new Holland Energy Park, a clean-burning natural gas generation facility, soon became an environmental initiative to restore the natural space, battle invasives and remove/recycle harmful materials throughout the site.

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Exceeding our Energy Goals

In alignment with our Community Energy Plan, Michigan PA 295 and HBPW’s ongoing commitment to responsible energy generation and use, we engaged with Holland residents and businesses on a number of energy optimization (EO) initiatives in 2014.

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Power You Can Count On

The most important factor for businesses and residents alike is reliability. Maintaining a system of over 28,000 meters and 500 miles of high-voltage distribution circuits takes careful planning, continual investment and constant maintenance.

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