Water / Wastewater

The Traffic Is Worth It

Getting the Most from Pipes and Sewers

Snowmelt, water, sewer and storm drain improvements caused some considerable traffic challenges in downtown Holland this summer, but the payoffs will be worth it. Consistent renewal of our underground infrastructure yields increased reliability and better services in the long run. HBPW was involved in a number of distribution improvements recently. Three of the biggest included:

Central Ave. Infrastructure Improvements

The summer’s biggest job stretched down Central Ave from 3rd St. to State St. The job was initiated as a drain improvement project for the city to solve yearly flooding issues in the middle-part of town. HBPW seized the opportunity to make other upgrades while the road was torn up. We are replacing a run of 18” sewer main, refreshing downtown snowmelt tubing and replacing nearly 2 miles of an 8” water main, which is nearing 100 years old. We also are extending snowmelt mains from downtown to State St. to enable future expansions of snowmelt surface area down Central Ave. Various stages of the project are slated for completion later this fall and into early 2016.

Sewer Relining Projects

Across a handful of sites, we relined about 4 miles of sanitary sewer mains last year. Sewer relining is a cost-effective way of rehabilitating existing pipes and offers a great extension of longevity for older, clay pipes. Over time, sewers can develop cracks which introduce sand and grit to equipment down the line or even cause blockages. Relining covers cracks and corrosions with a durable plastic material, and the process can be done from existing manhole access without tearing up roads.

Lift Station Renovations

Holland’s wastewater collection system relies mostly on gravity to carry sewage to the Water Reclamation Plant, and we sometimes need to give it a lift to keep it going. HBPW maintains 35 of these “lift stations” around the community, all of which vary in age. Last year, we invested in pump and electrical placements at three stations to improve reliability and prevent costly breakdowns.

Projects like these demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the reliability and quality of the hidden utilities we all rely on daily for our health and livelihood. HBPW will continue to steward these resources wisely, maintaining a top quality distribution and collection system as our city grows.

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