Growing Connectivity

New Rates and New Runs Cultivate Fiber Utility Growth

Last year saw significant growth for HBPW’s fiber optic broadband utility thanks to a new rate structure and expansion of fiber cable runs around Holland. High speed information sharing and internet access are critical factors for residential and business growth around the world, and we see advancement of this utility as a competitive differentiator for our community.

We noticed many customers were reluctant to switch to fiber because of the construction costs of getting the fiber from the nearest node into their buildings. Last October, we reduced or eliminated this barrier to entry through amortization of construction costs into monthly billing. We also consolidated broadband costs with HBPW’s existing billing system so that customers receive only one bill. Since making the change, we’ve signed up 42 new commercial customers.

HBPW also added to our fiber service area with substantial new runs along Ransom Street in Holland Township and along Logistic Drive in Zeeland. All in all, our fiber network now spans a 10 mile radius and connects dozens of businesses, schools and government buildings together and to the world.

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