Energy Waste Reduction and Renewable Energy

Energy Waste Reduction

HBPW saw its best year yet in exceeding the state mandate for helping customers save energy in 2017. More than 18 million kWh (174% of goal) was saved through the energy efficiency programs offered by HBPW, the equivalent of what more than 2,400 homes use per year! The programs include rebates for installing energy efficient equipment, recycling old refrigerators, distributing free LED light bulbs, offering educational materials and community events, and providing low-interest on-bill loans for home energy retrofits.

Renewable Energy

Helping to achieve the goals of Holland’s Community Energy Plan, HBPW’s commitment to providing reliable, affordable, clean energy also exceeded the state requirements for 10 percent renewable energy supply. In calendar year 2017, 14.16 percent of HBPW’s total electric sales came from wind and landfill gas renewable energy sources.