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The Holland Board of Public Works 2016 Annual Report


Your Community Partner

Holland Board of Public Works provides utility services that provide for our community's fundamental needs efficiently, safely and responsibly.


Letter from Dave Koster

With all the work we’ve had going on the past few years, it’s easy to get caught up in the stories about the new machines and equipment going in, the construction needed to do the job and the output measurements of what it all will mean.

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Meet the Board

Learn about the community members who help to guide and set vision for HBPW.

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Review the numbers behind HBPW expenses, revenue and usage.

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The Next Adventure

After 24 years, HBPW Finance Director Freda Velzen is about to embark on her next great adventure: retirement. Freda began at HBPW as Accounting Manager and was quickly promoted to Finance Director. In her years of service, she has seen a lot of change and growth, and it makes her proud to be a part of the organization and the Holland community.

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Awards & Outreach

HBPW is dedicated to Holland and serves the community through outreach events and programs.

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Public Act 295

In alignment with our Community Energy Plan, Michigan PA 295 and HBPW’s ongoing commitment to responsible energy generation and use, we engaged with Holland residents and businesses on a number of energy optimization (EO) initiatives in 2015.

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Educator Resources

Holland Board of Public Works is a strong advocate for educating students on where their utilities come from and how they are provided. We believe that providing context on what is happening in their community will help them to become community advocates and engaged citizens.

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