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The customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. We seek what is best for our community as we strive for continuous improvement in all areas. Sometimes, the ways we improve the customer experience are very visible to the community. You can see crews working to improve infrastructure; you can see a new bill design. What you do not see is how the work is accomplished. As a results driven organization, we have processes that keep the work we do efficient and accurate, but we are more than systems and processes; our people make a difference every day. The ways our people work together and communicate have a strong effect on the customer experience. If our organization is structured with the customer experience in mind, our people can quickly obtain the information and relay quality answers. This is why Holland BPW’s 2020 reorganization is so impactful.

Holland Board of Public Works underwent a significant restructuring of the organization in January 2020. The new structure is designed to enhance internal communication and interaction between key departments, which influences the overall customer experience. Directly related to the customer experience is the new Customer Solutions department, led by Amy Yost, who was previously the Customer Service Manager. The Customer Solutions department brings together the HBPW teams that interface the closest with customers: Customer Service, Key Accounts, Energy Waste Reduction, Billing and Meter Information. “HBPW is committed to innovative solutions for our customers. Having these teams work closely together improves efficiencies so that we can better serve all our customers” explained Yost.

Broadband Services was established as its own utility through the 2020 organization change. Pete Hoffswell continues to lead the utility as the Superintendent of Broadband Services. Previously, Broadband Services was part the IT department, as Holland BPW first built fiber to improve communications for the electric utility. Over time, local organizations expressed their needs for enhanced internet access. Having built extra capacity for unidentified future needs, Broadband Services grew, eventually providing three different types of services. The community of Holland continues to ask for more from Holland BPW Broadband Services. Shifting from a department to a utility positions Broadband Services for growth and future opportunities.

The Business Services department was also restructured by bringing the IT department together with Human Resources, Safety and Regulatory Compliance, and Warehouse/Facilities. The new Business Services department is headed up by Becky Lehman, former Director of Technology. Business Services supports the internal needs of the organization. The work performed by Business Services has an indirect influence on the customer experience. Having all of these departments in the same loop proves to be a great value to HBPW. For example, solving problems as a cross-functional team resulted in a positive transition to a work from home environment for a large ratio of our staff without causing any major disruptions in the customer experience. “The business services group continues to navigate the COVID-19 situation with fluid communication and swift responsiveness,” said Lehman.


“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else”

– Fred Rogers

Retirement is a milestone many people look forward to in their careers. Holland Board of Public Works is proud to be an organization where many employees choose to create long fruitful careers. This year, we celebrate several individuals who served our community through decades of leadership at Holland Board of Public Works.

With heartfelt gratitude, we thank our retirees for the enthusiasm, knowledge and values that they poured into their careers with Holland Board of Public Works. They have all made a positive impact on our community through their years of service. Their leadership prepared the next generation of our workforce to continue in their footsteps providing essential utility services to the greater Holland area.

Holland Board of Public Works Congratulates:

John Van Uffelen – Utility Services Director – 43 years

Jim Van De Wege – Water Treatment Plant Superintendent – 39  years

Greg Fishnick – Line Crew Supervisor – 27 years


Holland Board of Public Works is pleased to have a talented, devoted workforce dedicated to serving the greater Holland area. We thank all current and former employees for their contributions; every HBPW employee has an impact on our community. HBPW welcomed new talent throughout the organization. We are grateful for all who recently joined our team – and all who continue to serve our community through careers with HBPW.  We are enthusiastic to introduce Ted Siler (Utility Services Director), Nathan Johnson (Water Treatment Plant Superintendent) and Pieter Beyer (Superintendent of Water/Wastewater Services).

Ted Siler, Utility Services Director

Ted Siler is the new Utility Services Director. Ted comes to the role internally. Most recently, he was the Business Services Director at Holland Board of Public Works. Ted’s passion for safety, continuous improvement, reliability and customer service is an ideal fit for the challenges faced in this role. Ted originally joined HBPW in 2012 as Operations Director. He came from Duke Energy where he served in a number of different operational roles in his 12 years there, from Plant Operator to Site Manager. Ted is dedicated to seeking ways to grow the value of HBPW’s services to customers while maintaining our reputation for providing reliable utility services.

Nathan Johnson, Water Treatment Plant Superintendent

The Water Treatment Plant is now led by Nathan Johnson, Superintendent. Nathan is passionate about the water quality of our natural resources and throughout the distribution system. He explained that “safe and healthy water to drink and play in is essential to our way of life in West Michigan.” Nathan also has a zeal for educating people about how water quality is affected by all of us. His experience with continuous improvement pertaining to managing and operating water facilities is a benefit to our organization. Previously, Nathan worked for the Mount Werner Water District in Steamboat Springs, CO, as the Operations Manager. He looks forward to developing leaders within the staff at the Water Treatment Plant to position HBPW well for the future and to carry on the important role of drinking water treatment in his career with Holland Board of Public Works.

Pieter Beyer, Superintendent of Water & Wastewater Services

Pieter Beyer is the Superintendent of Water and Wastewater Services. He joined HBPW from the City of Boulder, CO, as the Engineering Services Manager. He is passionate about his career in water and all things related to spending time in or on the water, whether it be spending time fishing, paddling, or boating. Pieter brings valuable experience in water, wastewater and storm water utility management to his role at Holland Board of Public Works.  Pieter is excited to continue Holland BPW’s efforts related to reliable utility service and stewardship by ensuring that existing assets are maintained in the best shape possible in order to maximize their useful life and by implementing improvements that optimize the way HBPW’s utility systems operate.

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