Financial Information

Breaking down our financial investments for 2019.

Infrastructure Improvements
Equal Capital Assets

Holland Board of Public Works maintains quality standards that require continuous improvement to our infrastructure. Infrastructure improvements are investments in our community. These investments are reported as new capital assets.

Total Capital Assets

HBPW has a historical investment of $692.5M in capital assets ($422.7M net of depreciation). The capital assets, net of depreciation, by utility are: Electric Utility $314.0M, Wastewater Utility $61.6M; and Water Utility $47.1M. Capital assets include property, plant and equipment and include assets with initial individual costs of more than $5,000 and an estimated useful life in excess of three years.

New Capital Assets

This year, HBPW completed several improvement projects that added over $8M to our capital assets.

Capital asset activity for the current year included:

• Holland Energy Park (HEP) expenditures for various equipment and settlement costs: $1.1M.
• Distribution improvements and extensions: $1.8M.
• Peaking Unit repair expenditures: $535,528.
• Substation upgrades: $230,378.
• Streetlight upgrades to LED: $80,698.

• New fiber optic Shared Gigabit infrastructure in downtown Holland: $1.1M.

• Water Reclamation Facility improvements: $223,523

• Lift station improvements and replacements: $501,569.
• Sewer main improvements: $162,663.

• Water main replacements: $1.9M.
• Water Treatment Plant improvements: $169,870.
• Water meter replacements: $147,585.

Additional information on Holland Board of Public Works Capital Assets can be found in the Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MDA) Note 3.