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A brighter future, together.

2013 Annual Report

Our Energy Future

Learn about the P21 Decision and plans for new power generation.

Water Reliability

The Wyoming Water Connection ensures clean, fresh water is there when we need it.

Fiber Expansion

Our fiber network lets us connect across the street and across the globe.


Sustainability, energy efficiency, and reliability make our city a national example of energy prosperity.

Quality Water

We give top priority to the quality of our water and the health of the Holland community.


HBPW linemen maintain an award-winning distribution system, serving over 27,000 meters.

From Dave Koster

A letter from the desk of the Holland BPW's General Manager

Dave Koster

Welcome to Our 2013 Annual Report.

As stewards of our community’s most vital infrastructure, the Holland Board of Public Works has a unique responsibility to inform and engage our stakeholders on the work we carry out on their behalf.

Life is busy and complicated. We understand that. And reviewing an annual report about your community’s utilities might not be at the top of your priority list.

We don’t take it personally. But, we do take it as a challenge to find ways to present the information that are interesting, informative and meaningful.

In this annual report we have used a camera lens to look at some of the stories that were important to the utilities in our 2013 fiscal year. From a ride up in a bucket truck, to the peaceful tanks in our water plant, to the top of a 300-foot windmill, the images and stories give an inside view of the utilities that make everyday life and work possible in our community.

I hope you enjoy the stories. As you watch, I hope the central story of the Holland BPW emerges: That is, our commitment to providing reliable, affordable, sustainable utility services that support the continuing success of our community.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of residents and businesspeople that live and work in our community. In addition to providing insight and decision-making regarding the Holland Board of Public Works, each member is also personally active in the community.

Tim Hemingway

Tim Hemingway,
HBPW Board President

Tim is a long-time resident of the Holland area, but has also lived in Brazil, California, and Texas. Tim worked for SAF Holland for 31 years in various roles including General Manager of Texas Operations, Vice President International, President of Holland USA, and President of Global Aftermarket Business for SAF Holland. Tim was recently on the Board of Directors for TMD Friction, Luxembourg and volunteers with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holland.

Diane Haworth

Diane Haworth,
HBPW Board Vice President

A Holland resident since 1995, Diane is currently the Sustainability Marketing Manager at NSF International in Ann Arbor, MI. She has also worked for Haworth, Inc., where she served as Sustainability Manager. Prior to that role, she was a Product Manager and Team Leader for Haworth’s China Project during a year’s residence in Shanghai. Diane is active in the Holland Community Sustainability Committee and Grand Valley Artists, a fine arts association in Grand Rapids.

James Storey

James Storey,
HBPW Board Member

A Holland resident since 1997, Jim Storey has worked for SEMCO Energy and Consumers Energy. He has also served as a member of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. Today, Jim operates StoreyLine Communications, a Holland-based public relations, liquor license consulting and campaign management firm.

Paul Elzinga

Paul Elzinga,
HBPW Board Member

Paul’s construction expertise is recognized in West Michigan through his work with Elzinga & Volkers, Inc., and Paul Elzinga Consulting, PC. Paul’s projects have included Holland Community Hospital and the City of Holland Snowmelt project. He also volunteers with the United Way, Wings of Mercy and the Boys & Girls Club.

Phil Miller

Phil Miller,
HBPW Board Member

A Holland native, Phil began mowing lawns at Howard Miller at age 10. In 2008, he retired from his position as the company’s CEO. In addition to his work at Howard Miller, Phil has served on boards at Hope College, Bethany Christian Services, and ODL, Inc. He and his wife also coordinate Christmas presents for 475 foster children each year.

Community Involvement & Recognition

The Holland Board of Public Works is a community-owned organization, which means that our commitment to Holland extends beyond your taps and outlets.

Community Education & Enrichment

  • The Power for the 21st Century (P21) initiative to include the Holland community in important decisions about our energy future
  • Lower My Bill program, which offers residential customers an electric and water home efficiency check-up and installation of electricity and water saving devices
  • Energy Smarts for Businesses curriculum to help commercial and industrial customers increase efficiency
  • Retrofit of Centennial Park's Victorian lamps with LED globes
  • Public tours of the power plant, drinking water plant and wastewater plant for school classes and other community organizations
  • CFL bulb collection to promote proper recycling and disposal of mercury-containing bulbs
  • Dehumidifier, air conditioner and appliance collection events
  • Mercury thermometer collection
  • Pharmaceutical collection programs to protect the environment and the wastewater treatment plant
  • Conservation sponsor of the 2013 Tulip Time Festival
  • Holland in Bloom — America in Bloom participation
  • 10,000 CFL bulbs given to customers
  • Lighting Up the Holidays in Centennial Park
  • Adopt-A-Highway, 23 consecutive years of litter clean up on US 31
  • Participation with the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council on environmental issues


  • 2013 RP3 Diamond Rating from the American Public Power Association (APPA), which puts the Holland BPW in the top 1% of municipal utilities in the nation for innovation, reliability, safety and continuous improvement
  • Best in Show winner at the West Michigan Ad Federation ADDY Awards and Silver ADDY winner at the National ADDY Awards for the 2012 Annual Report
  • APPA Award of Excellence — for the 2012 Annual Report
  • Utility of the Year Award, Michigan Rural Water Award Association — for the Surface Water Intake Protection Program (SWIPP), which identifies threats to the public water supply
  • Five Bloom Rating from the America in Bloom national awards program. Also, winner of its population category, the Environmental Efforts Criteria Award and a special award for Best Community Garden.
  • 2012 Neighborhood Environmental Partners Award, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • 2012 Research & Technical Practices Award, American Water Works Association – for improving the water treatment coagulation process with a new cationic polymer
  • 2013 Exemplary Water Protection Program Award, American Water Works Association


Total operating expenses for the electric utility increased from $76.02 million to $79.5 million in FY2013, and total expenses in the wastewater and water utilities decreased from $8.31 million and $5.88 million to $8.27 million and $5.54 million respectively.

Financial Year 2013 Highlights Include:

  • City Council approves HBPW recommendations for construction of a 114MW combined cycle natural gas plant.
  • Multiple contracts for renewable energy including two PPAs with wind farms in Windfall, IN and Ithaca, MI. Renewable resources are projected to be 16% of sales by 2015.
  • Completion of the Greenly Substation, which will offer higher reliability to customers on Holland’s north side.
  • Improvements to the Smart Grid infrastructure, enhancing communication and information gathering in response to Holland’s electricity demand.
  • Completion of the Wyoming Interconnect, a 4.5 mile water main connecting Holland’s Water Treatment Plant to the City of Wyoming plant. The main increases reliability for the water systems of both communities.
  • Completion of the Headworks facility for screening and grit removal at the Holland Area Wastewater Treatment Plant. The facility helps protect and decrease maintenance costs for equipment downstream.

2013 Audited Financial Statements

⇓ Download the HBPW 2013 Audited Financial Statements and Supplementary Information

Information on PA295 (Public Act 295)


Operating Revenues
Operating Expenses
Metered Sales (kWh)
Use of Customer Dollar


Operating Revenues
Operating Expenses
Metered Sales (ccf)
Use of Customer Dollar


Operating Revenues
Operating Expenses
Metered Sales (ccf)
Use of Customer Dollar

Contributions to City & Expenses Breakdown

Contributions to the General Fund, City of Holland
Breakdown of Total Expenses