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The Holland Board of Public Works 2016 Annual Report


What is OK to Flush?

The answer is quite simple: Toilet paper.


The answer is quite simple: Toilet paper.

“Flushable” wipes? Think twice. Like facial tissues or feminine hygiene products, these do not break down quickly in water and can clog your household pipes and public sewer lines. Throw these and baby wipes out in your regular garbage.

Another area of confusion for some customers is pharmaceuticals. We strongly encourage you to dispose of unused drugs at an approved collection site instead of flushing them. Wastewater treatment processes aren’t set-up for the removal pharmaceuticals, and these drugs could contaminate the environment or disrupt the microorganisms that treat waste. You can securely and responsibly dispose of pharmaceuticals in the Holland Police Department lobby or at any local pharmacy all year round.

Lastly, avoid disposing fat, grease, or oil down the drain. Also, be careful not to dispose corrosive or flammable materials like acids or paints. All of these products can clog of damage the sewer mains or equipment at the treatment plant. If you wait for fat or grease to solidify, or use an old plastic bottle, it’s easy enough to dispose them in your regular garbage. Chemicals and flammable materials can be responsibly recycled at the Ottawa County Resource Center on Quincy Street.