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The Holland Board of Public Works 2016 Annual Report


Getting More For Less

The Holland Area Water Reclamation Facility updates are saving water and energy.


The Holland Area Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) processes approximately nine million gallons of wastewater per day. The 19 employees at the WRF serve not just the City of Holland, but also five adjacent townships (Holland Charter, Park, Fillmore, Laketown, and Zeeland) for a total of over 90,000 residents.

With a job that big, it’s important that the facility is running efficiently and consistently. The recent WRF upgrades are helping with just that. The two gravity belt thickeners, four dewatering screw presses and I-SO™ In-Situ Oxygenation system will help HBPW to avoid undergoing a costly expansion, and ensure effective treatment for our growing community for years to come (read more in last year’s report – link).

However, along with the increase in capacity, the upgrades have also greatly improved water and energy efficiency. In just the last two years, clean water consumption at the WRF has decreased by over 65%: dropping from 60,532,648 gallons in 2014, to only 20,623,856 gallons in 2016. Also, the WRF’s energy usage has decreased by almost 11% since 2011, from 8,456,615 kWh to 7,530,268 kWh. These numbers are just the beginning, as major construction is entering final stages and is set to finish later this year.

Energy Consumption
Fiscal Year Energy Consumption Compared to 2011

kWh Saved

When compared to 2011’s 8,456,615 kWh, this fiscal year’s 7,530,298 represents a decrease of nearly 11%.

Water Consumption
Fiscal Year Water Consumption Compared to 2014

Gallons Less

When compared to 2014’s 60.5 million gallons, this year’s 20.6 million gallons represents a decrease of 65.92%.